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Go Green art tour
annual 8th
                About The Go Green Art Tour The Go Green Art Tour was established in 2008 by Harambee Art Gallery co-founder, environmental artist Charles Washington as a vehicle to educate the public about how well recycling and art can be paired.  As an environmental artist, Mr. Washington works with recycled materials including paper, wood, plastic, plexiglass, glass, discarded doors, household fixtures and thrown away objects to create his inimitable style of art.  The Go Green Art Tour was designed to provide visitors with art classes, exhibits and information about going green.  It also provides an opportunity for artists, businesses, for profit and non-profit organizations, churches, schools, clubs and groups to participate by displaying their “green” art, “green” products and services, in an exciting venue that celebrates what it means to go green and take an active role in saving our environment.  Businesses and organizations that participate in the Go Green Art Tour will have the opportunity to participate in the What’s in a Door Project created by environmental artist Charles Washington.  Mr. Washington’s goal is to complete one thousand recycled doors as fine art and a platform for the discussion of historical and contemporary issues.  The What’s in a Door Project features an opportunity for others to participate by becoming “Door Keepers”, who create their own recycled doors based on the same premise of sharing ideas and stimulating discussion.  Door Keeper doors can be used to represent a company or organization brand and to communicate a company’s green values to its customers.  Door Keepers may display their doors during the Go Green Art Tour and later at their place of business to stimulate an ongoing dialog. 
Intro to Go Green Concept
What’s in a Door Project
 Become a Door Keeper
Reduce consumption.  Recycle everything that cannot be reused and purchase items that can be recycled. Recycle paper, plastic, metal and glass. Recycle computer parts, cell phones and other ubiquitous items that negatively impact the environment as refuse.
A door is a metaphor for opportunity and transitions. The What’s in a Door Project focuses on recycling discarded doors into art that reflects the metaphor and communicates.
Create a recycled art door to represent your business or organization with guidance from environmental artist Charles Washington.  Display your door during the Go Green Art Tour.
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