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             Welcome to the Go Green Art Tour Website  The Go Green Art Tour is a “green” art initiative sponsored by Harambee Art Gallery. It is a collaboration between local artists, businesses, community members and community leaders who are interested in sharing their enthusiasm for “green” ideas and activites. The Go Green Art Tour is designed to introduce green resources, products, services and technology and to showcase the innovative use of recycled materials as art. Our hope is to increase awareness of the value of “going green” to protect and preserve our precious environment.  By coming together, showcasing our “green” ideas, designs, products and services, we create and foster a culture that supports sustainability, environmentally friendly lifestyles and communities. Artists who work with recycled materials and businesses that provide green products and services are welcomed to participate.  For more information on how to apply to become an exhibiter and or presenter at the next event go to the Participate Page.  
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